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English Tuition & Homestay in Cornwall

The blackbird returns

Spied the blackbird in our back garden…..I haven’t seen him for ages! Last time I saw him was in the late summer with a female and five juveniles….at this time I was watching the ‘ family ‘daily in the early mornings. The magpies are dominating the garage area ! Preparing ‘Chough Cottage ‘for visitors who…


Another rainbow! This month could be called ‘Rainbow Season’ I can not recall seeing so many rainbows as I have seen this month! One virtually everyday!

Toad in Trelugga

Toad is found in our cupboard under the stairs in Trelugga! How did it get there? We manage to remove it safely to our garden, close to the pond. Poppy wreaths are laid out in Mullion church with a full band ceremony.


Fireworks are let off in the nearby villages in the early evening.

Juvenile pheasants

Five juvenile pheasants on our drive, their markings are clear, so three females and two males.