Improving one’s English – for University Students

A useful short course in English proficiency and confidence, perfect for slotting into your reading week or university holidays!

Cornwall is a place rich in flora, fauna, and a unique geology where the mining industry started. It is a place famous for its natural skies and light and its traditional fishing industry. It is the setting for countless novels, such as those by Daphne du Maurier, Susan Cooper, Enid Blyton, and Michael Morpurgo. It has ‘The Lighthouse’ which set the scene for Virginia Woolf. In St. Ives you can visit The Tate Gallery. It is a place where every student can find something of interest whatever their discipline.

This course is for International students who speak English as a second language, who are enrolled in a UK/USA university or planning to do so. It also suits and benefits students who are studying in their home country but require an excellent level of English.

This course increases the proficiency of English and helps develop the specific skills required to be confident in seminar discussions and to do well in group and personal presentations. Your essay style and grammar will improve and your vocabulary will be enriched.

The specific skills that will be improved are:

  • Listening
  • Reading and pronunciation skills
  • Vocabulary-building
  • Essay structure and writing skills
  • Grammar
  • Presentation work
  • Group presentation work

The course aims to be as rounding and accommodating as possible, catering itself to the individual as well as to the group. Participants will find themselves in an environment which is rewarding and interactive, and skills are taught in an integrated way in order to make the learning more useful and meaningful to the student. Examples of this include:

  • Oral presentations combined with correct pronunciation, appropriate vocabulary and confidence.
  • Group presentation skills combined with discussion and listening skills.
  • Report writing combined with grammar and advanced vocabulary.


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  • Relaxing around the fire in Trelugga

  • Volunteers guard the Cornish Choughs nesting sites

  • Sculpture in The Lost Gardens of Heligan

  • Goonhilly Downs where migratory birds can been viewed and different heathland plants grow

  • Goonhilly Downs with the communication dish antennae in the distance

  • Slow worm found in our garden

  • Hawk moth caterpillar found this summer, at Predannack, near Windmill Farm.

  • At Windmill Farm there are over thirty species of dragonfly to see

  • Camp fire a wonderful place to relax and enjoy hot jacket potatoes and hot chocolate…..we have camp fires on all courses


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