8 – 12 year olds

This course will suit children in UK schools, International Schools and Home Schoolers. It will appeal to children who really like reading but also to children who would like to have a chance to escape from a modern city life and experience a life that is more free (as so many characters in novels appear to be).

Since the early 1900s a huge range of traditional and contemporary children’s novels have been written in English.

Many of them have exciting plots, varied settings and interesting characters. They offer common themes which all children relate to – escape from the town to the country, surviving in the wilderness, living without parents, befriending animals, solving a mystery.

Aspects of some of these  things can be found in the surroundings of Trelugga.

The authors of these novels have developed special styles of writing, have specialised in certain genres and some have written novels based upon aspects of their own life at a certain time. Many of them have been favourite authors for a long time or have quickly been recognised as offering the ingredients that make an inspiring novel for children. These writers are found in all school libraries, in all bookshops worldwide and have encouraged artists to set them to music, to make films based upon them, to create plays out of them or to encourage the writer to go in to schools and read excerpts to classes.

This course will be based upon these kind of stories and authors.

We will look at the ingredients that make these novels so appealing and popular.

In-between exploring the works of an author we will be be taking part in activities based upon the stories.

You will have a chance to enjoy a midnight feast, to have a picnic without grown-ups, to visit a strange setting where mystery, adventure or ghosts may lurk. You will have a chance to see some wildlife, to camp, eat cream teas, and enjoy a campfire.

You will receive your props on arrival: a notebook, a pencil, a map and a torch.

You will gain a sense of freedom on this course and you will go away refreshed having explored, swam, trekked, and done all sorts of physical things which can be enjoyed whilst on holiday.

You will also go away knowing about an author, their life and the special devices that were used and drawn upon to make their novels so good!

For some of you it may be the first time away from home so if your parents/guardians would like to be close at hand and pop in they are quite welcome. Not only is there opportunity to request accommodation for parents on our property here at Trelugga (see Accommodation and Food), there are also B&Bs and small hotels nearby. Full escort (from a UK city) can also be arranged upon request.


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  • Sample of follow up painting that would take place in the Children’s Literature Course caption: “The Giraffe The Pelly and Me” by Roald Dahl

  • Mullion Chocolate Factory

  • The start of one of the local footpaths

  • Watership Down

  • The Stone Table – The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

  • Books

  • Summer time

  • Summer time

  • Summer time

  • Story plot has been thought up!

  • Summer time

  • Christmas carol

  • Christmas carol

  • Adults are way behind when children want to experience life in the 1940 s

  • A perfect place for a person to hide!

  • Christmas carol

  • Creative writing field trip in an old , medieval church …..to think about strange happenings

  • Our local church is a perfect place to think about a mystery story or to sketch a drawing

  • Christmas carol

  • Camp fire a wonderful place to relax and enjoy some hot jacket potatoes and hot chocolate…..we have camp fires on all courses