1.  NovelEnglish is the trading name of the study holiday (‘home stay’) at Trelugga on the Lizard Peninsular of south west Cornwall. This a private business conducted by Deborah Turrell and Nick Gardner in their own property with short excursions to the surrounding areas. All persons who apply to join a novelEnglish course agree to abide by these terms and conditions during their stay.
  2. In England anyone who is under the age of 18 years is still legally a child and therefore subject to parental care and control. So the parents of such children give their explicit permission for Deborah and Nick to act ‘in loco parents’ on their behalf in relation to their child during the time that he/she is with them at Trelugga;  this excludes the period when their child is travelling to or from Trelugga before or after the course (unless their child is escorted by a novelEnglish staff member). Deborah and Nick undertake to exercise the same level of prudent care to visiting children as for their own children. Parents and students undertake to make sure that all the necessary preparations are made before arrival (travel bookings, adequate insurance, supply of necessary medications , suitable clothing, shoes etc).
  3. The novelEnglish UK land line telephone number is 01326 291076 and the UK mobile number is 07833540409 and customers are welcome to contact us on these numbers during normal office hours. Parents may ring these numbers at any time if there is an emergency and they must  provide a 24 hour contact number for novelEnglish to contact them.
  4. Everyone attending a novelEnglish course must have a valid identity card/passport and a valid UK visa (where applicable) as required by UK regulations and also have pre paid and pre booked travel arrangements for their return journey home.
  5. Students/parents must inform novelEnglish in advance of any existing medical condition and treatment requirements and bring sufficient medicine with them to cover the period of their stay. Students from non-EU countries may not be able to obtain prescriptions for medicines locally.
  6. By signing the application form, parents agree that novelEnglish is responsible for taking urgent necessary medical action with the advice of local NHS staff in the case of of their child meeting with an accident.
  7. Signing the application form commits the student/parent to arrange  adequate insurance cover for the duration of the student’s stay to cover accident, medical, travel, personal possessions. NovelEnglish shall not be liable for any compensation in these respects.
  8. The type of accommodation and food and the nature of the activities provided are all clearly described on the novelEnglish website. Please feel free to contact us for any more information you may need. By applying for a place on a course you are indicating that you are satisfied with the information provided and know what to expect.
  9. We consider Trelugga to be a very ‘low risk’ environment (compared to an urban setting) but there may be a greater level of risk associated with some of the following outside activities which we may organise from time to time (depending on season, weather, group numbers etc):-
  • paddling in shallow (ankle deep) water on the edge of the beach,
  • bathing/swimming in shallow water only (chest deep), no child under 18 years will be permitted to swim in water out of their depth  –  swimming only on life guard patrolled Kennack Sands beach and in calm conditions
  • examining exposed rock pools on Kennack Sands beach under adult supervision – strong rubber sole shoes must be worn to avoid slipping on rocks
  • pony riding  (this takes place at a local riding stables in supervised groups according to ability)
  • kayaking/canoeing and short boat trips from Mullion Cove  (these are conducted by local professional groups under supervision)
  • surfing at Poldhu Cove  (this is a life guard beach and has a local ‘surf school’ for beginners) parents of under 18 year old children must clearly give us their EXPRESS PERMISSION to allow their child to take part in each of these activities in addition to signing the normal enrolment form.
  1. House Rules for all students (please read these before you apply to join our course):
  1. Please speak in English
  2. Try to be on time for all meals and teaching sessions and activities
  3. Be kind and friendly to all other students
  4. Join in and participate fully as best you can in all activities and teaching sessions
  5. Look after you belongings and keep your sleeping area clean and tidy
  6. Stay on the Trelugga estate at all times except when going out on organised excursions
  7. Give any money, passport, travel tickets or other valuables to Nick or Deborah for safe keeping  or LOCK them up in your travel bag
  8. Have your important contact phone numbers and the address of Trelugga to hand with you before you start your journey to Cornwall
  9. Always follow ‘The Country Code’ when going on excursions
  10. Take extra care when crossing roads and cross the road together with everyone else when told to do s
  11. When out, follow the instructions given by Nick or Deborah, for your safety
  12. If you feel unwell, please inform Nick or Deborah immediately, whatever time it is (even if it is in the middle of the night!)
  13. Please do not leave the Trelugga estate without permission and informing Nick or Deborah
  14. Please do not smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs
  15. Please do not bring or buy knives, weapons or toy guns
  16. Please do not use bad language, swear or fight
  17. Please do not drop litter anywhere or damage any of the environment in or around Trelugga or try to climb any trees or buildings
  18. Please do not disturb any other student’s sleep –  if you yourself find it hard to sleep, either go and tell Nick or Deborah or read a book quietly in bed (till you fall asleep)
  19. If you are a girl, please do not disturb the boys
  20. If you are a boy, please do not disturb the girls

Thanks for your cooperation!

  1. Students undertake not to use the internet connections at Trelugga to access illegal or inappropriate material