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English Tuition & Homestay in Cornwall


Fireworks are let off in the nearby villages in the early evening.

Juvenile pheasants

Five juvenile pheasants on our drive, their markings are clear, so three females and two males.

Monica and Michael

Monica and Michael join us for their Homestay. Monica already has excellent English but Michael is the one who wants to improve!
We have a happy week ensuring that Michael visits St. Michaels Mount for his namesake ( enjoying a picnic lunch ) and Falmouth where an old friend of his in Germany spent some childhood time.
They both are keen to try some local food: a Cornish cream tea  (we have this at home ); a traditional Cornish pasty (we have this looking out at Lizard Head sitting on a bench!); cider ( drank over a dinner ); Cornish ice cream (enjoyed at Roskillys dairy farm, after the milking ) and fish and chips ( eaten out of doors at the harbour side in Falmouth ).
They also eat lots of soup…homemade lettuce with pea and tarragon soup and spinach with potato soup…….we have a glut of lettuce and spinach at the moment in our kitchen garden. They both say they like it!

Also visitors come to stay in ‘Chough  Cottage’ for  a week.

In our garden

So many tits and finches in our front garden on the grass! Blue tits, Great Tits and Gold Finches. Is it because the sunflowers are in seed? It looks like it because they are all around that area.

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