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English Tuition & Homestay in Cornwall

Pirates, Smugglers and Treasure!

In the first week of August, we held our Pirates, Smugglers and Treasure course here at Novel English. Here is a blog describing what we did!

We started the five day course with our traditional welcome tea with the course participants and their parents. The children had come prepared with articles of clothing and artefacts such as swords and pistols in preparation to be pirates for the week! We soon got deep into the story of Treasure Island, with the children re acting the dreams of Jim, where he is told to look out for ‘the seafaring man with one leg’ by Billy Bones. There is always an anticipation of something bad about to happen, and sure enough all fears arrive with the coming of the cursed black spot! However, this is the start of Jim’s great adventure aboard the ship ‘Hispaniola’, bound on the quest for treasure!

To further enrich the story, we took to the Cornish coves, in exploration of dark unlit caves, with potholes of unknown depths, and to find a glimpse of light, which took us to a mysterious un chartered beach! An afternoon was spent in a hunt for treasure, with only a coded message as a clue!

The last day, which fell on a scorching hot afternoon, the children’s’ families joined us for a thrilling performance of the story at Trelugga!

Here are some comments from the participants of the course:

‘I loved Treasure Island! I really want to go again!’ Katya

‘This play was super fun, I really enjoyed the acting!’ Abby


As always, we would like to thank all who took part in this course and hope to welcome you back to Novel English in the future!