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English Tuition & Homestay in Cornwall

Greenpeace’s ‘Rising Tide’ boat launched from Porthleven!

On the 28th of February, Greenpeace were at the nearby port of Porthleven to launch a new campaign from the waters of its harbour! They were leaving from Porthleven on a voyage of knowledge and teaching about sustainable fishing in Britain. Greenpeace plan to sail around the whole English coat, holding events and inviting MPs (with the help of local residents) to pledge to become ocean champions and to convince voters that they will put local fishermen before large trawling companies if they win the next election. There was a family fun day at Porthleven harbour on the 28th before the Greenpeace boat, the ‘Rising Tide’, set off on her mission around the coast, where she will be visiting ports on the whole length of the country, including Lyme Regis, Weymouth, Bournemouth and East Anglia, before arriving back in Cornwall!