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English Tuition & Homestay in Cornwall

St Piran’s Day in Cornwall

A very late, but very happy, ‘Gool Peran Lowen!’ to you all! Peran Lowen is Cornish for St Piran’s Day, which is celebrated on the 5th of March and is named after the patron saint of Cornwall, St Piran.

Many places in Cornwall had their annual St Piran’s Day parades, walks and celebrations in honour of the patron saint of tin miners- tin mining is a historic Cornish profession (perhaps you know about it from watching Poldark!? Just in case you didn’t know, the Poldark Mine is actually very close to Helston- the nearest town to ‘Trelugga’- is open to the public, and provides a lot of relevant historical interest). Although the working tin mines have all been closed down now, St Piran’s Day is a good time to enjoy a pasty (and protect it from a seagull!), and look forward to the warm spring arriving!